The talented dog earns over £13,000 by selling his paintings online

Eight-year-old Dog Hunter is a very ingenious dog, but it has been discovered relatively recently.

About four years ago, his owner Denise Lo first put a brush in the teeth of a puppy Shibainu and showed him how to paint.

Talented dog earns more than £13,000 selling his paintings online

According to her, Hunter has always been a very curious pet. He liked to learn and try new

And when the family needed a new picture for the living room, the owners decided to give the dog a chance to do something with his hands, i.e. teeth.

“Already from the first picture, it became clear that he was doing very well. He liked to draw, so we decided to try again,” recalls Denise.

And when a woman posted photos of Hunter’s work on social media, the real success came to him. In four years, the family managed to sell 288 dog paintings and earn over £13,000.

Talented dog earns more than £13,000 selling his paintings online

Hunter’s owner claims that all his paintings are different from each other, and the images are rarely repeated.

“He paints heavy strokes and checkmarks with thick brushes and then draws loops and dots with thin ones. We never force him – he only creates when he wants it,” says Denise.

Talented dog earns more than £13,000 selling his paintings online

As a true artist, Hunter signs each of his works with a paw print.

The dog does not have a favorite color, but he has a favorite little brush that is most convenient to keep in his teeth.

Owners of the dog feel that he often draws self-portraits, choosing the colors of his fur — black, brown, and cream.

A talented abstract dog also does charity work. So, for the SCARMAM Animal Relief Fund, Shiba-Inu raised over £700 from the sale of his paintings.

On Instagram, Hunter has long been a star.

Talented dog earns more than £13,000 selling his paintings online

17 thousand people have already followed his page, and this number is constantly growing.

For admirers of the dog’s creativity, Denise sometimes arranges live broadcasts, during which Hunter creates new canvases – such meetings attract hundreds and even thousands of users.

“We feel that Hunter’s work resonates with many people. Over the years, we have received a lot of support and kind words from them,” says Denise.

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