A little homeless dog roaming the streets, wagging his tail to every passer-by in the hope that someone will notice him and adopt him

Every dog dreams of having not only a sweet home but also good-hearted owners. Our best friends deserve a good, comfortable and safe life.

A homeless dog who lived on the streets of Nuvela Elia in Sri Lanka fought for his life every day, struggling against cold and hunger.

Life on the street is dangerous and very difficult, so he dreamed of being adopted as soon as possible to put an end to the miserable life he had.

So, as he wandered the streets, he wagged his tail every time someone walked by to get their attention and hope to be saved.

Fortunately, an elephant rescue team from Thailand, who had been in Sri Lanka for research purposes, soon saw him.

The tiny puppy followed them, wagging his tail impatiently and trying to get their attention. His persistence and desire to be seen melted their hearts, and they decided to help him.

One of the rescue team members named Lek gave him food, bathed the dirty puppy, and gave him a warm blanket.

They soon found a good-hearted person named Tuscara, who was ready to take care of a brave puppy.

The dog was called Lek Lek, he was now happy to get a forever-loving home with a caring daddy.

After three blessed and joyful years of happy and healthy life with his owner, the kind woman of the rescue group Lek visited Lek Lek.

The grown-up dog immediately recognized her.

It was very surprising, after so many years he did not forget a kind woman who was so caring and merciful to him, who gave him the opportunity to live his life in a good home for his beloved family.

I hope everyone will agree that these helpless stray dogs deserve a happy and peaceful life.

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