An obedient and loyal dog, abandoned by its owner, waited for the return of its owner for seven days after being told to stay

This dog is a German shepherd named Luke. It was incredibly loyal and faithful to its owner, even when he left it.

The dog’s owner left the dog outside the restaurant, telling the dog to stay there. The owner left and never came back.

Luke hasn’t moved from this spot in seven days. Even the employees of the restaurant tried to drive the dog away, but the dog sat obediently and waited for the owner.

The restaurant waitress fed the doggy for seven days.

Fortunately, a woman named Elena Knyazeva saw the dog and took it to the shelter. The dog was happy at the shelter because it was given love and care.

After some time the doggie and its friend from the shelter were adopted by a lovely family. They turned out to be very lucky. Now they enjoy their lives to the fullest. Thanks to kind people they are now in safe hands.

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