A cute and hopeless dog named Wall-E was returned to an animal shelter by its owner along with its property

In 2015, a cute dog was taken from an orphanage for the first time. The dog’s name was Wall-E. Unfortunately, three years later, the person who adopted the dog brought it back to the animal shelter with two big bags. In the bags were its toys and its bed.

We shouldn’t say anything bad to the dog owner, because we’re not informed about the story of the dog’s former owner. It was very difficult for him to make that decision because he was attached to a dog.

When the owner brought the dog to the animal shelter, she was heartbroken, and her eyes were full of tears.

However, the director of the animal shelter uploaded the story onto social media. He reported that the owners had decided not to take care of the puppy because they were very busy and did not have time to look after the dog.

The result was that the dog became frightened and barked loudly in the dog booth during the day.

A picture of a poor and frightened dog was published on social media in search of a forever home for the dog.

The photograph spread very quickly through social networks, and two months later the woman, seeing this post, decided to look for a kind family for a dog named Wall-E. The woman was very excited and heartbroken when she heard about the story.

As the woman visited the animal shelter and knew the dog, she adored the dog and fell in love with it at first sight. She had another dog, and to her surprise, the dogs were on good and friendly terms.

Currently, the Wall-E dog has a forever home, and it will have fun living its life being loved and cared for by the new owner.

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