A pregnant cat abandoned in the forest was found by a dog walker and gave birth to two healthy kittens

For animal lovers, rescuing abandoned and stray pets can be both a heart-breaking and rewarding task. For this reason, when a woman had a chance to save poor animals, she knew that she had to try her best to help them.

A kind-hearted woman was walking her dog in the morning when she spotted a pregnant cat along with two other cats abandoned in the middle of the woodlands in Cuxton. They were dumped in cardboard, had to fend for themselves in rough conditions, and didn’t have the possibility of finding food.

She quickly took them to a nearby RSPCA center, where they were all checked and cared for. The cats were quite scared and also a little dehydrated, but thanks to the help and care of the RSPCA, everything turned out well.

“It must have been very frightening for them to have been left this way. We understand that people’s circumstances change, but there’s never an excuse to abandon animals like this,” says Kirsten Ormerod from RSPCA to Bored Panda.

The pregnant cat named Maude was given proper medical care and gave birth to two healthy kittens. In a recent Facebook post, RSPCA shared that “Maude and her kittens have gone on to live their dream lives and found their forever homes. We’re glad that even though the start of their lives might have been rough, they have now found loving families!”

After everything happened, we hope that these cats will have a better life in the future. We are sure that they will soon find their forever homes where they can live happily and get all the love and care they deserve.

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