A giant Mastiff falls in love with a tiny chihuahua, and now they are best friends

Nothing says adorable quite like two animals who become best friends.

It’s sweet, it’s wholesome, and it’s a wonderful reminder of how kind and emotionally intelligent animals can be.

We often don’t give them enough credit. While all animals are capable of starting friendships with others, there is no denying that dogs are probably the most likely animal out there to have a best friend.

For Huey, life wouldn’t be the same without his bestie, Bella. But at first, this friendship took a little time to get started.

You see, Huey is a big boy – a 155-pound Mastiff to be exact. And Bella, she’s a 5-pound Chihuahua. Granted, size is irrelevant but it was still a slight concern for their owner. Regardless, the owner went ahead and took a leap of faith, adopting Bella into their home.

At first, Huey wasn’t sure what to make of the tiny pooch. He’d just watch her zoom around and be crazy. But she eventually wore him down. She wanted to be friends, and at some point, Huey did too.

One day his owner walked into the room to see the two of them cuddled up together, taking a nap. And since then, the two have been inseparable.

Bella always wants to be close to her big brother, and Huey is only too happy to allow it. Plus, he gives in to her requests to play together, and the two of them will often be seen zooming around the house together.

As their owner said, “They get each other.” And that is so sweet!

Check out the heartwarming footage below:

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