The cutest pictures of friendly relations between animals that cause a smile

Animals, like people, can’t live without friends, because it’s not fun when you’re alone. Moreover, our smaller brothers find friends not only among their own species but also among other species completely unlike them. Cats and dogs get along not only with each other but also with turtles, cows, and even mice. As a result, a lot of photos of such friendship appear on the network, which is touching to the point of impossibility.

Such a finale should be in the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”.

Everyone has a friend who likes to spoil photos.

It’s warmer together.

What lovely smiles!

So what if we’re different?

It’s more fun to be naughty together!

Two furry friends.

What a charm! They’re so cute!

Real friends.

People saved the squirrel, and it made friends with their cat.

Little Goat thought it was a dog.

A ferret and a German Shepherd dog living together have become best friends who are together all the time.

Let’s take a picture together!

Very scary!

Friends love to swim together.

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