The story of a puppy who was beaten, stuffed into a bag and left to die…

Last July, a puppy was found in a garbage bag in Transylvania (Romania).

When the people who found the poor dog opened the bag, they found that the dog had a broken paw, and its flesh had already begun to eat maggots.

The dog was emaciated, dehydrated, and it had a serious traumatic brain injury.

”It is assumed that this little puppy was brutally beaten, trying to take its life,” said Helen Taylor.

The dog was urgently sent to Animal Care in Transylvania, where it received emergency medical care.

First of all, doctors dealt with a tumor in the brain and then removed the larvae.

They named the dog Anora, which means ‘light’, noting its great desire to stay alive.

It was eventually sent to the UK.

There it was adopted by the loving family of Helen Taylor.

Anora, who recently underwent surgery on its paw, is recovering quickly.

It went all the way from a puppy who couldn’t move and was on the verge of death…

…to a strong dog – healthy, having loving owners, and very soon – running wherever it wants.

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