The motherless kittens gathered in a bunch, waiting for help

Four kittens were taken to ARPO (animal rescue center, which is located in Indianapolis) after their mother cat was hit by a car. They formed one softball, huddled together as if trying to comfort each other.

According to the center’s employees, they were about three weeks old, and they still needed round-the-clock care and medical care, because two of the kittens could not even stand on their paws, constantly staggering, and the third found serious problems with the left front paw.

The only striped cat seemed to the staff of the center, a kind of glue – all the other kittens huddled only to her.

“There are three girls and one boy among them. The boy is one of the light kittens, ” said Lori White, an employee of the center.

The four were named – Ducky, Petra, Sera, and Littlefoot.

At first, there were serious suspicions about the health of two staggering crumbs – Petra and Sera, but it soon turned out that their muscles are still too weak for confident actions and they need time to get stronger. Ducky (a tabby cat) was suspected of pneumonia, so she was placed in a separate room for a few days, where they took care of her and the disease receded. Littlefoot, in turn, suffered the loss of a paw and was the last to switch to solid food.

Surprisingly, it was the striped one that stood out among her sisters and her brother and turned out to be the loudest. She was the first to start asking for food and was the fastest to sort out the cat tray.

When they managed to cope with all the problems, the kittens began to grow quickly. Now they boldly explore the room in which they were placed, constantly spend time in fun, and always sleep together, snuggled up to each other.

According to the stories of Laurie White, Ducky is always ahead of everyone and can afford various antics without fear of punishment. She especially likes to climb on Lori’s shoulder, and take hold of her hair, combing with a paw – Lori doesn’t even need a hairdresser.

Littlefoot has grown up, but still, with a sinking feeling and a slight fear, he overcomes the stairs. The absence of one paw hinders him, but he tries his best and the most amazing thing is that he spends the most time on the stairs in his games.

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