An emaciated pregnant cat was calling people for help, sitting in the basement

Ekaterina Kotik also saved homeless kittens more than once, and recently she again had to help the animal out of trouble.

On February 15, the girl went into the entrance, planning to go up to her apartment. Suddenly she heard that a cat was mewing somewhere very close.

Katya listened and realized that the crying was coming from the basement! She immediately went down the stairs and saw a cat peeking out from behind the lattice door with fear. The poor cat was very exhausted, and besides, she was pregnant… And judging by the size of her rounded tummy, she was going to give birth very soon!

The girl understood that due to exhaustion, the cat and her children risk dying.

Katya immediately decided that she would not leave the cat there. And now she was already taking the pet to the vet for an examination…

кошка в доме

Now the cat’s name is Yara. She gained weight and noticeably cheered up thanks to the efforts of Katya and her family. Yara is very much loved and pampered, trying to do everything possible so that she quickly forgets about the hungry past and about human betrayal.

кошку гладят

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