Foster dog rescued its owner: debt paid back

The old shepherd was very afraid of people, and nobody wanted to adopt it. But a good man decided to take the dog home. But he didn’t know that a dog to thank him would save his life.

Sheepdog Sadie went back to the orphanage, pretty old. She seemed confused and miserable, she was uncomfortable. When she saw men, she curled up into a ball, when they tried to approach her, and she would show that she was ready to defend herself. However, she was very friendly with women. Sadie was obviously smart and ready to be someone’s best friend, but nobody wanted to adopt her.

When the dog found herself in the shelter, she did not understand what was happening, why there were so many people and dogs around. During her time in the orphanage, she became withdrawn and clearly needed someone who would love her. This person turned out to be Brian Myers.

As soon as he entered the shelter, a middle-aged man noticed Sadie. He was warned that the dog does not like men, but the man promised to change this. Half an hour later, the adoption documents were ready. To the surprise of the volunteers, Sadie calmly agreed to get into Brian’s car.

“I could help her, and I promised to give her the home and the love she deserves.”

Brian and Sadie quickly became best friends. But a few months later, the old dog almost lost his family for the second time. The owner and his loyal friend were left alone at home. Suddenly, Brian fell to the floor. He had a stroke. Sadie saw that the man was unwell; she decided that she would not leave him. Sadie began to lick the man’s face so that he would not lose consciousness, and after that she barked frantically, trying to attract the attention of neighbors.

Brian couldn’t get up, but he realized that Sadie wouldn’t leave him, that she could help him. He grabbed the dog by the collar, and she seemed to know what to do. She dragged him across the room to the phone. She pulled with all her might. Eventually, the man was able to grab his mobile phone and call the emergency service.

Now Brian has already been discharged from the hospital. But he is in a rehabilitation center for treatment. Faithful Sadie is waiting for her owner at home. Brian’s family stays with her, but the dog always seems to count the minutes until he returns.

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