18 animals that turned out to be cute-charming despite their wild nature

An animal can not be completely domestic, even the closest to a person have wild instincts and a fairly large chance to go wild and stop behaving well-mannered. What can I say, even a man sometimes behaves worse than all the savages put together. Therefore, it is doubly surprising how animals that are not usually called domestic begin to portray the cutest and affectionate creatures in the world.

Scary tiger, only small for now

A young otter family spends their honeymoon on their lake

Oh, how full I am! Now I’ll lie down for an hour near my mother, I wish someone would scratch my belly.

There are no air conditioners in the forest, so we have to lie in the shade

Young foxes play carefree in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Early in the morning every day we are not too lazy to wash our muzzles

When you woke up and still don’t know what you’re going to do today

The inscription on the cap: “Women want me, fish fear me”

There is green tea with ice in a glass and chinchilla decided to cool her ass with it!

Now, if someone got into your mouth like that, would you keep calm?

The city rats, who have never left the apartment, were stunned by the smell of wildflowers

The fish is called a body-cube and it is very tiny

Find a person who will look at you like this, and life will stop being boring

How small and round it is! Uii!

The gorgeous face of a gentleman from the southern slope of the Andes

Isn’t the pillow too small for such a hamster?

The baby ermine could not cross the road in any way and people helped him

The bats are hooked with their paws and are sleeping – it turned out to be a chic live necklace

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