A real glaMEOWmour: the wardrobe of this cat can only be envied

The cat Benson was once thrown out by the former owners! Apparently, fate was especially favorable to this cute cat, so in a new family, he found happiness and a luxurious wardrobe for all occasions.

Benson knows that he is a handsome cat!

And a glamorous model!

He is always well-groomed and beautiful

And poses professionally

The owners openly spoil Benson

Or do they play like that?

You can see the star from afar!

The wardrobe is really extensive

What is most surprising is that everything suits him!

Natural charisma!

Therefore, it is surprising how the former owners threw out the cat

But the new owners do not waste time in vain

Branson often has new suits

All according to personal sizes!

So now you know who is the most stylish cat in the world

Really beautiful cat! And his clothes are well chosen!

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