A kitten that hypnotizes at first sight. A wonderful black cloud

There is nothing even to tell how beautiful cats are. The oldest and even the most stray cat has so much charisma and grace. Among the cats, there are many charming manipulators. Look at Gizmo here!

Did you see his eyes? You are already a prisoner!!!

He’s so tiny and cute, like from a cartoon, are there such things?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s real.

He loves to imitate the human gait

But, while no one sees, he likes clowning.

A special baby: he never ceases to be surprised by life.

Does he ask what is happening again?

And only when he sleeps, the baby looks like an ordinary kitten, well, how not to caress?
However, this imp does not sleep for long, he is used to waking at any sound.

Such are they, cute kittens that fall in love with themselves at first sight.
Admit it, are you fascinated by this fluffy?

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