The cat did not see anything, but hoped for help from passers-by. There was a kind girl among them who managed to take care of this poor one

The blind kitten was sitting near the old house, frightened by any noise, and immediately backed up to a safe wall.  But hunger and despair pushed it forward, it continued to meow in the hope of help.

The people who passed by were full of their own worries, they would have helped, but there is no time, and there is nowhere to take.

Fortunately, at that moment two guys were passing by, that they had already found a house for more than one tail. Dessie loves animals, Stoyan shares her interest.

The guys regularly go around their area, looking for poor-tailed fellows who need help.

“Someday,” they admit, “we will definitely open an animal shelter.”

And here is the kitten, still very tiny. The guys were shocked, was there really no one to take it home?

It looks like something happened to its mother and the baby crawled out into the street, it was very hungry, dehydrated, looked completely sick. The eyes barely opened, they were covered with pus. But the baby still squeaked in the hope of help, and the guys were touched by how actively he clung to life. Dess took the cat in her hands, the guys immediately went to the veterinarian.

In warm palms, the little animal relaxed and dozed off. On the way to the clinic, he did not squeak, did not resent, doze carelessly and even try to purr.

Veterinary clinic

The baby was lucky: the eyes survived. The doctor washed them properly, and the cat began to see everything around. It was given a remedy for worms, recorded for vaccinations, and ordered to eat off.

The guys settled the baby at home, take care of it, and treat it. And the baby turned out to be grateful: it behaves kindly and docilely, eats everything that is given, and runs in the tray in good faith.

Dessie and her boyfriend never tire of wondering how fast the kitten grows! it is already running around the house and trying to climb all high places at the same time. It adores the owners, fawns, and Stoyan was already thinking: shouldn’t he leave it for themselves forever?

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