The kitten was smaller than a dog’s nose when they first met. But this little life could end

Golden Retrievers are gentle, delicate dogs. On the day when Mamayo and the owner went for a walk, he behaved unusually. Suddenly he pulled on the leash, and then completely fled into the bushes.

The owner was surprised, but not too much, she knew: her dog was smarter than many others. And the dog soon got out of the bushes, carried in its teeth a tiny cat, frightened to death. A piece of the tail was missing, the wound was bleeding. In general, it was necessary to go to the veterinarian without delay.

The owner did not even think to be lazy or brush it off.

She picked up the ginger kitten, put it in a box, and rushed first home, to leave the dog, and then to go to the doctor.

The kitten turned out to be healthy, only the tail needed to be processed. There is a need to take care of the kitten a little to recover the exhausted body. Two-month-old kittens recover well, the main thing is how to feed them and not frighten them.

Now the two red-haired creatures are friends, the dog licks his friend and brings up, and the kitten purrs songs to him. The owner decided to leave the tiny creature at home, but really, how to separate them?

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