The bride threw the bouquet into the river. A second later, the guests screamed in horror when they saw THIS!

The incident took place in the city of Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory. The newlyweds with guests posed on the bridge, and then, as usual, threw the bridal bouquet into the river.

All the guests began to look where the flowers fell when suddenly they noticed something shocking – in the icy water a man was drowning, and a girl of 9 years, helplessly was standing nearby.

It turned out that the father and daughter fell under the ice together, but the man was able to push the baby out and ordered her to move away. The girl was terrified and rushed along the shore, but could do nothing.

When she saw the cheerful wedding company, she desperately began to call for help.

The guests, despite the festive mood, immediately understood what to do, and a few minutes later the drowning person was warming himself in a warm car.

After catching his breath, the rescued man explained that he had decided to walk with his daughter along the river. The girl started playing and accidentally fell into the icy water. The father rushed to her aid, but the fragile ice could not stand his weight, and the man failed himself.

Here is such a tragic and at the same time happy start to family life!

The beginning of life together coincided with the salvation of life – it’s a wonderful step for the future! Well done guys! God bless them for long and happy family life!

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