The boring daily life of Tokyo streets cats through the lens of Masayuki Oki

Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki loves to travel the world and photograph cats on the streets. Oki started hunting cats in Tokyo, where he lives, a few years ago. It turns out that the life of these animals is much richer than that of many Japanese!

A walk with mom

Don’t be afraid, don’t run away!

Let’s sunbathe!

There are compassionate people in Tokyo

Only cats have this flexibility.

Thanks for the gift, Mr. Fisher!

What are we going to learn today, Mom?

Serene cat

I’m afraid of emptiness!

Yoga lessons

I can not get up!

Please hug me!

I’m exhausted

Extremely comfortable pillow

What are you doing, Mr. Duck?

I like to bask in the sun

What emotion is written on its face?

All these cats are incredibly cool!


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