The first oxygen masks designed specifically for animals saved a cat from a fire

An alley cat was spared from a fire on Friday, July 8, 2022 thanks to new oxygen masks from the fire brigade, specially designed to fit pets. Equipment aimed at improving the rescue of dogs and cats, but also rodents and reptiles.

The non-profit organization Smokey Paws has developed a rescue kit invented to fit the small face of animals. 3 sizes of oxygen therapy masks are available with 2 cords and 2 adjustable muzzles.

The association has donated these kits to firefighters in Battersea, Paddington, Richmond and Hammersmith in England as part of a pilot project. If the trial is conclusive, the device will be deployed on a larger scale.

Until then, firefighters had to improvise to resuscitate animals that had inhaled toxic fumes during a house fire. Today, they have a suitable means. “Having something specially designed makes a huge difference because the mask is properly sealed around the animal’s muzzle and all the oxygen is going into their lungs,” station officer Nathan Beeby told LFB.

A fire broke out in the afternoon of Friday, July 8, in a house located in the Paddington district of London.

The brigade brought the flames under control and then rescued the 2 felines located on the ground floor. One of them was in critical condition and was therefore given oxygen through the Smokey Paws kit. He was thus resuscitated before being taken to the veterinary clinic. Today, his life is no longer in danger.

“The teams all thought it was great equipment, easy to use with prior training; quick to set up and ultimately saved the cat, » said Nathan Beeby.

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