Hero leaves his job to travel the country and save all of the shelter dogs

In order to tour the country and save as many shelter dogs as he could, Lee Asher, a dog enthusiast, decided to resign from his job and sell all he possessed. He had left on the once-in-a-lifetime journey with his pal and their six rescue dogs in an RV.

In an effort to change people’s perceptions of shelter dogs that appear hostile just because they bark while in their kennels, they made films along the route to upload on social media. Lee wants people to be aware that the dogs at the shelter just bark to get attention.

On their RV, every night is basically one giant dog pajama party! With six or more dogs, ranging in size from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards, it may seem a little too crowded, but these dog enthusiasts don’t mind at all. All of this is a part of what they are attempting to do while travelling. Along the way, they pause to rest and let the dogs out to take in the view. However, finding these canines permanent homes is their main objective and their most important duty.

They have so far saved 90 dogs in 31 states, but their work is far from done. The group’s grand objective is to empty every dog shelter. Even though it seems a little crazy and is a big undertaking, Lee and his pal are up for the mission! They want everyone to know that dogs from shelters are the most wonderful and devoted pets you could ever want to find.

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