A cute video shows the baby trying to convince a giant fluffy friend that it’s time to bath

It’s a sweet moment when a little girl tries to be as persuasive as possible to convince her giant dog to take a bath. After spending some time in the backyard, Phil, a charming malamute, is very tired, so he sneaks into his little sister’s room to take a nap. But Mom’s not happy about it because Phil’s feet are full of dirt and his fur is wet and dirty. So she asks him to take a bath, but he doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Since Phil is not too impressed with the way Mom and Dad try to convince him, they call their baby Amelia, who is Phil’s best friend. And that’s when the exciting negotiations begin. Driven by her parents, the tiny girl approaches her friend and politely asks him that he needs a warm bath!
“Come on pal…come on come on,” baby Amelia tells him. “Awww, he’s sad. Be nice to him and tell him it’s bath time. Maybe kiss him on the ear,” the girl’s dad can be heard. The girl gently kisses her ‘furry pal’ on his ear, and she even pets him, but Phil is steady. Not even a small treat seems to convince him, nor does the family’s cat who eventually joins them in their attempt to get the gentle giant into the bathroom. But his answer is still a ‘no.’
After all, after the titanic efforts of everyone in the house, Phil finds his way to the bathroom! See the fun moment here!

In the second viral shot, the camera captured Phil timidly entering the bath. Of course, the tiny Amelia is there, too, helping him clean his fur. Since he too had made some efforts for the cause, furry cat Milo could not miss the show.

“You won’t believe how Phil gets in the bath by himself after Amelia convinced him in the last video,” Amelia’s mother wrote in the video description. “He loves this little girl so much!”

Amelia and her furry friends are a great source of joy and happiness on Youtube, where they constantly share charming videos about their adventures.

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