A cyclist noticed puppies that were squeaking by the road

During a bike ride, a resident of Brazil noticed several puppies by the road. The kids were in a small pit, which, as it seemed to the cyclist, someone made intentionally…

Recently, a cyclist from Brazil named Tiago Costa Silva noticed several puppies while riding. The kids were lying in a small pit, where, as it seemed to the cyclist, they were left intentionally. The man carefully pulled each puppy out of the pit.

Now the four puppies were safe because the cyclist did not leave them in trouble. He and a friend gave the puppies bottled water. The kids drank water greedily. «They were extremely dehydrated and thirsty. They just wanted to survive, among other things,» Tiago said.

The men did not have a place to transport the babies, but they put them in their cycling suits and drove them this way. After that, Tiago took the puppies to himself, and began to take care of them. When the puppies recovered, he posted their photos and stories on social networks.

So they found owners for each puppy pretty quickly. Now they all live in warm houses and are surrounded by care. Thanks to the caring man who did not pass by these kids!

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