Every year, the woman photographed her husband, daughter, dog and cat. It turned out to be a photo story

Once a woman saw a touching moment and decided to photograph it. Her husband sat on the couch holding their newborn daughter in his arms, and next to them were pets. It looked so cute that the mother decided to save this moment with the help of a camera.

The woman was unaware that the birth of a daughter would bring a new tradition to their family. In the photo, in addition to the father and the child, there is a dog that sits in the legs of the owner and a cat that has taken place on the sofa armrest.

After that, the amateur photographer decided to take a similar photo every year.



This way the family watches how their daughter grows up and changes.



And 10 years have passed since the first picture was taken. And this is a significant period of life. Now the woman decided to publish a series of pictures.



Netizens liked this idea. Many wrote that they would like to repeat something similar.

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