The owners left the dog in the summer house in winter and it was looking for salvation from people

The story is about how people can be cruel and indifferent to our four-legged friends. The heroine of this story is a dog named Gesha.

It was a very harsh winter that year. Near the city of Kursk, people noticed a dog that avoided them. She had no owners, and there were very few people who wanted to help. Every day the dog got worse, because there was not enough food, water, and she was constantly freezing. Soon the dog was waiting for death.

But there are still good people in the world. The dog was helped by a volunteer who learned her story.

He was not afraid to take responsibility for the dog. He immediately took her to the vet and took care of all the expenses for the treatment of the animal. Gesha turned out to be a calm and kind dog.

Now they are looking for new and loving owners for her, who will no longer leave her to freeze and starve on the street. The volunteer does everything to find a good home for her.

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