A hopeless unsheltered kitty was left with all its belongings on the street

Sometimes people are very cruel not only to other people but also to animals. Today they may need their pet, and tomorrow they may throw the poor animal out into the street as unnecessary.

In our story today, we will talk about a cat that was thrown out into the street along with its belongings.

A woman spotted the cat. The cat was crying sitting next to its belongings left on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.

Perhaps the cat was thrown out into the street because its owners moved to live elsewhere, or the cat was kicked out because of bad behavior in the house.

The woman saw a cat and took its picture.

After a while, the cat disappeared and to find it, the woman organized a search operation.

The cat was soon found. The animal was found in the backyard of the house of a woman named Karen.

The woman took the cat to a veterinary clinic, where it was examined by a doctor. The animal had no serious health problems. Karen decided she was gonna take the cat home with her.

The cat behaved so well that all family members fell in love with it. The cat was later named Nostrand because it was the street where the animal was first seen.

Fortunately, the cat has a forever and lovely home. The kitty is loved and cared for by its owner, Karen.

At first, the cat was a little tense, because it went through a lot of difficult days being abandoned. After a short period, it began to trust people. it’s very playful and cheerful now.

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