A true friendship between two dogs. A faithful dog guarded his dog friend for a week who fell in a cistern

These dogs are called Tillie and Phoebe. One day the owner forgot to close the door of the house, and these dogs escaped. But unfortunately, they got lost and couldn’t go home.

The dogs were gone for two weeks. The owner was hosting guests and forgot to close the gate. Curious dogs decided to look for adventures but got lost.

The owner claimed that this was not the first time that the gates of the house had not been locked. But dogs had never been outside without an owner before. But this time, something was different. Tilly left the house, and Phoebe followed him. But unfortunately, during their walk, one of the dogs — Phoebe got caught in a cistern and couldn’t get out of here by herself.

A dog named Tillie stayed with the dog and watched and guarded her very closely.

Tillie was 11 years old. He was adopted as a child. And Phoebe recently turned 4 years old. She was taken from the shelter 2 years ago.

After the owner discovered the dogs were missing, he immediately informed the rescue team. Finding the dogs proved to be a very difficult task. They’ve been looking for pets for a long time.

Tillie didn’t go anywhere, just stood over the cistern when his friend got stuck. One day he even tried to approach a man passing by to help his friend get out. It was this man who told the rescue team about a dog stuck in a cistern.

The dogs were found two weeks later. They were weakened and exhausted. But despite this, the pets were very happy to return home to their owner.

After they were found and reunited with their owner, they had a hamburger dinner. Two dogs played with their favorite toys and were properly fed. They also slept very well. Now dogs have special GPS collars so they don’t get lost anymore.

These two dogs are a real example of friendship and loyalty. People have a lot to learn from these animals.

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