Grandpa found a lost kitten hiding in a napkin box

This is a cat named Chanel. The kitten is two weeks old. The kitten was in a shelter where they had no means to take care of the kitten.

The kitten was given up for adoption. Luckily, Britney Diana saw a picture of the kitten and decided to adopt the kitten. The baby would have been put to sleep if no one had taken that sweet kitty.

But this girl saved his life. The kid is very funny. One of the main activities of a kitten is to hide in all sorts of places where it is possible and impossible.

One day the family got really upset because they thought they’d lost a kitten. They looked everywhere. Even in places where a kitten can hardly hide.

In the end, desperate, Grandpa sat down on the sofa and decided to take a napkin from the napkin holder. And then there was no limit to his surprise and joy. A little kitten was hiding in a napkin holder.

The kitten did it regularly, hiding in a napkin box every time, even when the girl wanted to feed it a bottle of milk.

Perhaps now the napkin box will become a favorite place for a kitten…well until the baby grows up and can no longer fit in the box.

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