A dog missing four months ago reunited with its family after being found more than 70 miles from home

A Michigan couple witnessed a miracle when their beloved dog who has been missing for four months was found and returned to them – unharmed.

A 3-year-old Australian shepherd named Jinks went missing during a camping trip with his parents, Don and Kim Carpus, at Ocqueoc Falls State Forest Campground in July. The couple searched everywhere for Jinks and Kim even stayed at the Northern Michigan campground for three weeks looking and waiting for him to return.

She eventually returned to Milan, Michigan, but continued to post lost dog ads on Facebook and search for her sweet boy. The worried parents exhausted every option, including radio ads and flyers, but to no avail.

There were no reported sightings of Jinks until he was spotted by a couple in Charlevoix, over 70 miles away from where he went missing, hiding under their RV.

Pastors, Randy and Susan Hitts, saw the tags on Jinks’ collar and immediately called the number. “The dog had probably covered hundreds of miles through the wilderness and wound up lying under my RV,” Randy told Petoskey News. “He had the incredible luck to be alive.”

Jinks was looking for his parents just as much as they were searching for him. “It is surprising how much our RV looks like the owners. I can see how he might have thought it was the same one,” commented Susan.

As you can imagine, Jinks’ family was over the moon when they received the call that their boy was alive and well. Aside from losing weight and being covered in burrs, he appeared to be in good health.

Jinks’ green color with ID tags somehow managed to stay on during his trek through the wilderness, which led to his happy reunion.

Susan met his parents halfway and posted, “He seems healthy, but is certainly ready for the groomer due to burs and fur matting. That is pretty amazing, I think. Today, I got a front-row seat to a miracle!”

She posted a video of Jinks greeting his parents after being apart for months and it has been shared around the world. The loving pup gave his mom a big hug and she said with tears in her eyes, “I missed those hugs.”

Jinks is happy to be back at home and playing with his canine sister, Skye. He received a warm bath and hasn’t let go of his “baby”.

This heartwarming story is proof that you should never give up. Check out the amazing reunion in the video below and don’t forget to share!

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