This piglet thinks it’s a dog!

We all know the Oscar-winning movie “Babe” – a film about a pig who wanted to be a shepherd. Despite the fact that Olive does not herd sheep, she definitely thinks she is a puppy. Why? Well, she grew up with three best dog friends.

Olive was adopted by a couple who own a farm in Sydney (Australia). Mom Alyssa is a photographer, and her Instagram page testifies to the adventures of her eight-month-old pig and three dogs who love her like a sister.

She could be a pig, but these dogs agree that Olive belongs to their kind.

Life on the farm is exciting, especially if you have friends like Tilly the English Bulldog.

Or Alfie, the Boston Terrier.

Completing the awesome four is Lola, the French bulldog.

When they get together, it can be a little noisy.

But by the end of the day, the crew finds nothing better than rest and a strong hug.

Olive is next to his friends in any situation.

Her favorite memory is the day when friends gathered to celebrate the addition to the family!

Some people think that pigs are dirty, but in fact, this is not quite true. You can teach them tricks and insist that they don’t get dirty where they sleep (unlike even some dogs).

Cleanliness is really important for pigs, and the bulldog helps Olive in this.

One of them may not look like the others, but they’re all the same at heart, and that’s all that matters!

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