16 proofs that pets are like small children

In the West, the owners of animals often call themselves their “dads” and “moms”, and the animals ” my boy “or”my girl”. And this is so-pets behave almost like small children.

He was offended that his hiding place under the sofa was emptied

Mom! I need help!

They don’t like bathing either

I found some delicious treats! Let’s buy some delicious treats!

Eating ice cream alone is now unrealistic

A child on a shopping trip

The study of the corners brought a lot of impressions

Some dogs really need a bib

Trying on Dad’s shoes

Hungry or not, I have to steal a piece!

There’s never a moment’s peace

Joint pranks are more fun!

And they always fall asleep in unexpected poses

This is its favorite blanket

They also have toys for sleeping

Sometimes you have to limit their freedom. There is no other way.

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