A bar has opened where you can bring a dog

It is often difficult for dog owners to leave their pets at home and go to a bar in the evening.

The dog was happy about your arrival from work and the long-awaited reunion, and an hour later you again run away somewhere. You periodically leave the house with a heavy heart.

The British are even luckier: now they have a dog pub.

And this place is not only for your dog but also for you. Now you can bring your dog here. The bar opened last month and is called After Bark.

Not only are pets allowed here, but you can also buy cocktails for them.

But the owners do not need to worry about the fact that the dog will become drunk from cocktails, all drinks for pets are herbal and non-alcoholic.

But imagine how great it is when your furry friend can go for a drink with you!

Such establishments will certainly be popular in different parts of the world, especially now.

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