Family adopts a blind pit bull

In life, we take many things for granted – for example, the ability to see, hear, walk, etc.
For some, this is something they can only dream of.

Like Hazel, a pit bull who has lived blind for most of her life and does not know what the world is. She can move around places and objects only with the help of hearing, touch and smel

Fortunately for Hazel, her foster parents Ellie and Sam were able to help her navigate in this big world.

They shared with the Animal Channel:
“When we found out that Hazel was blind, we tried to find the best way for her to navigate. ”

To help her, Ellie and Sam developed a system to solve Hazel’s visual problems.

They used sound signals. They said “no” if Hazel was heading to a dangerous place, or attracted her attention to give her a signal that someone was approaching.

They also created a safe environment for her to walk in without bumping into corners or hard surfaces.

Some of the furniture was moved to make room for the dog safe.

This safe environment helped a lot because Hazel was not so comfortable around them.

But her stay with Ellie and Sam is temporary. For them, the goal is to find a home for Hazel forever. A place where she can be accepted and loved.

It didn’t take long for the dog to make friends with Allison and Pete.

Allison and Pete not only take care of a beautiful dog, but they also do everything so that Hazel can see the world again.

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