Fluffy ball named Zuzu conquers the Internet

If you look at the passport, then everything is clear – Zuzu is a cat. But if you look at its appearance, it is not immediately understandable.

After all, her excessive fluffiness makes it look like a ball, by the way, it behaves the same way, it absolutely does not care what happens to it.

The origin of Zuzu is not exactly known to anyone. Just once in the family of cats, a very fluffy glomerular was born, which is more like a toy.

Zuzu is still very young. And because of such an innate feature, it is very vulnerable to various diseases. It has little strength and it gets tired quickly, because of its poorly developed muscular system, it is too weak to run and jump. Zuzu is just a decorative animal.

But no matter what, it is very popular on the Internet, it is loved at home and it is never deprived of attention.

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