Panthera gave up her baby, and now it is growing up with a kind woman and her Rottweiler.

Luna, a beautiful panther, was born in a zoo in Siberia. For unknown reasons, its mother rejected the animal. Since mother left it without milk and care, its chances of survival were rather small, but fortunately, a remarkable woman came to her aid.

This woman had a lot of experience in raising big cats, so she knew exactly what to do to raise a healthy and happy cat. She quickly became attached to Luna and decided to buy it at the zoo. Arriving at her new home, Luna met its new best friend, a Rottweiler named Venza.

Luna had to follow a special diet to compensate for the lack of milk and the nutrients contained in it. The woman knows what a panther needs to eat, how to train, and what skills to learn.

Luna and Venza needed time to get to know each other, but now they are inseparable, they run, play, and enjoy the world around them.


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