How one brave man saved a real drowning bear

One day, a bear walked into the courtyard of a house with a Florida resident. He was very dangerous to people, and he was very hungry. The owners of the house called the police to kick the bear out of their yard. While they were waiting for the police, they shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart. The substance started acting on the bear and it started to run to the ocean. In the water, the tranquilizer already had a strong effect on the bear and it started to fall asleep.

The further the bear went into the ocean, the more he fell asleep. And then the bear began to sink and sink more and more into the water. Nearby, a biologist from the Wildlife Commission, Adam Warwick, observed the whole operation. Suddenly, Adam rushed into the water to save the bear.

And when Adam grabbed the 180-kilogram bear and began to drag it to the shore, everyone was simply stunned by what they saw. Adam had a lot of adrenaline when he saw the drowning bear.

And an animal like that could have ripped him to shreds. Adam quickly moved and grabbed the bear by the neck and held his head above the water. It was an unforgettable sight. The bear was rescued and brought to land not by boat or ship, but by the man himself.

Then an excavator arrived and took the bear back to the National Reserve. It is good to hear and see the people who save not only people but also animals. Only such people can truly be called brave and noble.

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