The long-lived cat celebrated its 19th anniversary: it looks good

Sammy’s story could have ended badly if not for the kindness and participation of caring people. This wonderful blonde has a respectable age for a cat – 19 years. Most recently, he had a home and a loving owner.

But circumstances forced the person to move to a nursing home, and there was no one to take care of the elderly cat.

The animal was taken to the Cincinnati shelter, Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society. There are many pets with similar fates. Domestic cats, as a rule, live 12-14 years. Therefore, Sammy is a true centenarian among them. On June 15, when the cat turned 19, volunteers and employees of the center celebrated its birthday.

In honor of the holiday, they prepared a treat and picked up a fashionable “look” for the cat. The fluffy handsome cat flaunted a blue sequined hat and an elegant collar. The cat appreciated the festive dinner and posed favorably at the subsequent photoshoot.

The staff of the shelter wrote about Sammy and his desire to find a real home on social networks. The photos soon spread on Instagram and TikTok.

The day after the holiday, Sammy’s new owners arrived for him. The volunteers reported about the joyful event in the life of the cat on social networks, expressing their hope to sing “Happy Birthday” on the 20th anniversary for Sammy.

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