Incredible homemade cooking that earned all Michelin stars at once

All the dishes presented in this collection were prepared not by professional chefs, but by amateurs, although very talented.

Cactus cakes. There is one more miracle in the world!

Homemade focaccia

Honey macaroons

Painted citrus macaroons

Prefabricated cake with natural berries

It’s all made by hand

Homemade bread in the shape of a pumpkin

Chicken pie with honey

Homemade jelly has 21 different layers!

We’re still at home, not in a restaurant

And these are succulent cakes

We love this fruit diet!

Tonkotsu Ramen with Tasyu pork

Perfect pancakes

Blueberry meringues

Another kind of focaccia

Wagyu tomahawk steak with potatoes and garnish

The grandchildren came to the Italian grandmother in the village — it is necessary to feed

I’ll go chew my crust of bread, imagining that this is a gorgeous dish. Some people know how to cook!

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