A fisherman caught a bag that disappeared 28 years ago

The amazing catch of 11-year-old schoolboy Brody Brooks, from the US state of South Carolina, extremely pleased his family friend. On that day, the boy, with his older relative, Ben Myers, went fishing at the Hartwell Reservoir, near the city of Anderson. The boy waited for a long time for a bite, and when he decided to check the bait, he realized that the hook was caught on something. Together with his uncle, they pulled a strange object ashore. As it turned out, it was a lady’s bag.

At first glance, it was clear that the thing had been lying in the water for quite a long time. When the curious fishermen opened the accessory, they were amazed that the contents of the bag were not too damaged.

Even more fantastic was the fact that the man recognized the owner of the purse from several photos. It turned out to be a friend of the family, April Bolt. The woman was incredibly happy with the find. At the time, she was very saddened by the loss.

That day, she was resting with her family by the pond, riding a yacht. Together with their relatives, they went down to the shore to have lunch. When April returned to the ship, she could not find her purse. She suspected two men fishing nearby, but did not dare to accuse them without proof.

It is surprising that after 25 years spent at the bottom of the reservoir, neither her favorite comb with lipstick nor children’s photos and bank cards were greatly affected. According to the owner of the loss, this is probably a good sign.

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