These celebrities took the pets to their home after the shooting was over

We watch a lot of movies and TV shows where animals play along with human actors. But not many people wonder where these animals go afterward. Of course, many animals have owners, but some are taken from orphanages for filming purposes.

Will Smith and German Shepherd Abby

Together with this dog, the actor starred in the film “I am a legend”, where she played the role of Sam the dog, but in fact, this is a girl. During the long time that Will and Abby spent together, they became very attached, and the actor wanted to take her home with him.

Chris Evans and the Dog Dodger

This handsome actor is an avid dog lover. During the filming of the film “Gifted”, in 2015, one scene was filmed in a shelter with stray dogs, where Chris saw a cute puppy, which he eventually took to live with him and called Dodger.

Ed O’Neill and Bridget the Bulldog

This little dog originally had a very difficult life. People found her on the street and sheltered her, and then for some reason, they threw her out again. Bridget was picked up by volunteers, and then she turned out to be perfect for one role in a movie where O’Neill was the main character. The man became so attached to the dog that he was no longer separated from her.

Tom Hardy and the Dog Moose

Tom and Moose starred together in the movie “The Drop”. According to the script, a man must save a wounded puppy, which he will then give the name Rocco. And after the film ended, Moose went with Hardy to his house as his best friend.

James Gunn and the Oreo Raccoon

Fans of the picture “Guardians of the Galaxy” are crazy about the charming rogue Rocket. And this animal was his prototype. A raccoon named Oreo melted the heart of even the film’s director James Gunn. It’s a pity, but Oreo passed away about a year ago.

Sophie Turner and Zunni the Dog

The dog Zunni played one of the dire wolves in the first season of “Game of Thrones”. When her job ended, she was left homeless. Actress Sophie, who played Sansa Stark, has long dreamed of a four-legged friend, so she was happy to take Zunni to her home.

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