The escaped dog returned home, and even rang the doorbell himself

The American Mary Lynn shared the amazing adventure of her pet, Raja, in the networks. The girl could not find the dog after fireworks were launched in the neighboring yard.

Like most dogs, Raja is terrified of fireworks and firecrackers because of their loud sound. The alarmed owners drove around the neighborhood for several hours and interviewed neighbors, but she could not find her dog. Upset, Lynn asked for help on social networks.

In the early morning, a bell rang at the front door. Raja was sitting on the threshold. When the dog’s owners watched the video of the surveillance camera, it became clear that no one rang the master’s doorbell. Raja did it!

Moreover, the dog acted according to the instructions: she rang the bell, distanced herself from the camera, giving an overview, and calmly waited for the door to be opened to her. Now the owners are wondering when their dog managed to learn this? Raja was never shown how to use the bell.

According to the woman, the pet probably had time to walk for fun and explore the neighborhood. It took a long time to choose thorns of burdock from her wool.

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