Ten duties of each domestic cat

For some reason, many people are sure that cats are small and defenseless animals that will not be able to harm a person in any way. But this is not quite true, there are some cats who, for example, prevent the owner from sleeping longer on the weekend, or to scatter cereals in the kitchen, or maybe they are preparing a plan to destroy the curtains.

Have you noticed that they do not sleep at night, but rush around the house? They are the ones who are trying to keep themselves in good shape on purpose. Cats are very well trained and are always ready for any surprises.

Don’t you believe it? Let’s take a look at the list of cat duties.

1. If the cat is asleep, it is impossible to touch and squeeze it in any case!

2. The cat must necessarily scatter various, preferably small, objects so that the person collects it all and thereby keeps himself in good shape.

3. When a person is sleeping, the cat must definitely keep him asleep

4. The cat should periodically conduct an audit in the refrigerator. Sausage products are subject to destruction

5. A cat should share its fur with a person. Without this, a person will be bored

6. When a person makes a bed, the cat must necessarily crumple it

7. The cat must sing songs necessarily at 3 a.m. to bring joy to a person

8. The cat should drive away bad dreams from a person

9. The cat is obliged to check all packages and boxes that he meets

10. The cat should firmly hold a pen or pencil with its teeth while the person writes



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