Four-legged mothers who were not enthusiastic about the joys of motherhood

Humans and mammalian animals are very similar in terms of parental fate. All the children are welcome and long-awaited, but there is no rest from them, while they are very small. Alas, understanding usually comes too late and it remains only to endure.

Patience, only patience

Repeat like a mantra: “All your own, relatives, loved ones”

They have not opened their eyes yet, and there’s already so much trouble!

Listen, when do I have to be sterilized?

That’s what it is, the maternal life

They’re not even puppies

And there is so much joy in its eyes!

Slowly going crazy

I carry all my own with me.

It seems that they have already grown up, but everything is the same

Tell me, when will we start distributing puppies?

Daddy was left to look after the kids

Yes, we can only sympathize with young mothers — this is not an easy task, raising children!

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