A dozen unsuccessful prom dresses ordered from online stores

Prom is a chance for any girl to feel like a fairy princess. Therefore, choosing a dress for such an event is an extremely important and responsible process. However, finding a suitable outfit is not so easy even with the presence of numerous clothing stores. In this regard, some graduates decide to take a desperate step: they order a dress in online stores, risking getting something incomprehensible. Girls from our collection were also unlucky with the order.

Elegant red


The customer, apparently, expected that she would make a furor at the prom, as a result, she received something remotely resembling a parrot costume.

Femininity and lightness


For the prom, she will have to look for a new outfit, but now she has something to wear at home.

Airy “angelic” dress


The graduate didn’t know she was actually ordering a translucent nightgown.

A star of Hollywood


The photo and the description of the dress do not indicate that it is made of foil and felt.

Rich emerald


The girl wanted to look rich and elegant, but instead of a dream dress, she got an outfit for women over 50.

The bride’s style


Are you sure this isn’t a costume for ladies of the night?

Little black dress


In the dresses shown in both photos, only the pattern matches.

The Snow Queen


It seems to me, or did the designers forget to sew the lace on the dress?

Modest pink


Looking at the photo on the left, you might think that the dress is made of dense high-quality material, but it only seems!

Glamorous brilliance


I wonder if the seller really thinks that the customer will not notice the difference?


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