A dozen unexpected facts about animals

The sense of humor of nature is much more powerful than the human and we have yet to learn all its jokes. And there are so many of them that you can’t count them, literally. Once people thought that the humpback camel was ugly, but only later they learned that it could carry priceless water in the desert in humps. And here are some more new facts.

Pigs can’t sweat, they don’t have sweat glands. Therefore, they need to plop into a puddle to cool down.

In the family group of mongooses, all females give birth strictly on the same day

Goats can move along the slopes at an angle of up to 87 degrees, if there are protrusions there

The giraffe has nowhere to hide from predators, it can only run away, so it sleeps for 10-20 minutes at a time, up to 2 hours a day

The paws of the сomb-crested jacana look like the limbs of an alien

The female ostrich nandu lays eggs, leaves them on the male, and goes for a walk. For example, to another ostrich.

This is what the skull of a hammerhead shark looks like

The swift can’t stop and drink, so it has to get water on the fly

The harmless hummingbird is actually a toothy creature that tears up insects and scares off competitors

Mooren and eel larvae are completely different from adults

The Hoatzin bird has fully functional claws on its feathers 

The mother-hedgehog carries the cubs the same way as a cat or a dog

A gorilla from the Miami Zoo learned sign language to show visitors that it is not necessary to feed it, it is full


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