Bulldogs helped to survive an abandoned two-day-old kitten

The kitten, who was only a couple of days old, was alone on the street.

He was lucky that he was rescued and accepted into the family.

A woman named Beth Waldeniz of Florida found out about this baby and decided that she had to help him.

When the kitten was brought to the house, its new owner was very worried about how her dogs would react to a new family member. But the pets treated him very friendly.

Later, he was given a very funny name-Baby short pants. The baby was always afraid to be alone, but he had a big family.

Frenchy treated the kitten with special trepidation, who very gently licked his muzzle as if his mother would do it.

The dog, whose name is Salvador, was also worried about him. He dropped everything as soon as he heard the kitten’s squeak.

Beth was very surprised and glad that her dogs were so worried about the kitten.

And the baby has already grown up a little and opened his eyes. This makes his new family very happy.

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