The dog lived in the park for a whole year, looking for help from people, and one day they wanted to save him

Only on love this world rests, people strive for it, they seek it. This cute doggie would also do well to get some warmth and care. Only now it was left alone, not loved, not needed by anyone. The doggie settled in the city park, people sometimes petted it and hurried on.  And the dog was waiting for something impossible.

Volunteers Loretta and Eldad heard about the animal in distress. They went to look for him as soon as they had time. The report of the furry little animal disturbed them. And for good reason.

They found the poor doggie hiding under the table, there was at least some shade. When the dog was called, it trustfully came out to meet volunteers, did not shy away. The dog sniffed at the outstretched hands and allowed itself to be petted. It was as if it had been waiting for a long time for someone to come to it.

But the animal was afraid of the harness, shied away from it, it was obvious that some memories were already connected with it. But doggie went willingly to the hands of the volunteer, tinkered, snuggled closer, and quieted down.

“Look, it’s relaxed, it’s trusting! I think it’s going to fall asleep in my arms right now, “ Loreta said.

The dog was dozing with such a blissfully happy face that the guys gave its the nickname Happy. It seemed that the dog was sure that it would not be abandoned again. And how happy were the guys!

The dog should have been taken care of long ago. It was checked, it turned out that there was no chip. Without the chip, the owners can not be found, alas, the dog was waiting for a shelter.

The volunteers had to lick the grimy beast into shape, wash it and treat it. The dog was naturally fair, but how much dirt had accumulated in its skin! It was easier to cut it, so the guys did it. The dog didn’t mind, its tangles were already worn out, so it breathed happily and cheered up as soon as they were cut.

The dog looked at its new friends with gratitude, and after swimming jumped for joy, dusted itself off, and rolled on a towel. It generally turned out to be a playful and joyful squeak, a kind of positivist on four legs.

Happy fully lived up to the new name.

It was a small matter: a new house and new people nearby. But it’s so nice, and we don’t think Happy wll stay in the orphanage for long.

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