The fisherman saw an unusual turtle in the water, came closer and urgently called for help

Just look at this poor creature. This is a 100-kilogram sea turtle found by a fisherman off the coast of Tasmania. The fisherman caught it because he realized that the turtle needed help. It was clear that it had been in pain for a long time because of the seashells all over its body. The fisherman who found the turtle said it couldn’t even dive into the water.

The Marine Conservation Program (MCP) has taken over the care of this sea turtle. The MCP stated that this species of sea turtle is extremely rare in Tasmanian waters. The turtle passed a full examination, including X-rays (they needed to make sure it hadn’t swallowed a plastic bottle or fishing tackle).

No foreign objects were found in its intestines. Then one by one they removed all the shells.

The turtle received rehydration therapy to give it some strength.MCP will wait until the turtle gets stronger and then decides what to do with it. Most importantly, it is safe and has received the necessary medical care.

According to National Geographic, sea turtles have been protected since 1978. Pollution and encroachment on their habitat, have contributed to a sharp decline in their numbers.

Sea turtles are the largest turtles with a rigid shell, they can grow up to a meter in length and weigh about 100 kg. They are carnivorous and feed on jellyfish, crabs, and fish.

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