17 examples why people will alway envy sleeping cats

Lack of sleep is a problem, including in modern society. It is extremely difficult for us, as humans, to cope both globally and locally, so many people are completely jealous of their cats. Who knows how to sleep with feeling and genuine pleasure in any situation!

A funny sleeping position!

The most beautiful sleeping duet!

He probably dreams that he is dancing the tango!

Magic three-tailed brotherly feline circle!

Sleep where you want!

These friends are too cute!

I’m inconspicuous

In a sense, joy looks like this!

“You can sleep in my pocket too!”

The puppy is not yet experienced, but it can handle it!

Super cradle!

Too convenient, isn’t it?

The main thing is to find a heating pad!

The serenity of a child’s sleep!

What are you dreaming about, kitten?

Sometimes I want to be in his place!

“A cat came into the cafe and decided to fall asleep in my arms.”

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