A disabled cat regains his mobility thanks to a wheeled device donated by an association

This is Peanut, a marvellous cat who is paralyzed in his hind limbs. The cause of the paralysis is an infection, which has reached his spine. Yet, the disease doesn’t keep him from living his life to the fullest, alongside his brother. Thanks to 2 associations, he regains his mobility and found a foster family.

2 young cats of 7 months were was entrusted to the organization “A Kitten Place”, located in Brandon in the State of Florida in the United States. One of them, Peanut, was paralyzed in both hind limbs. The only way he could move around was crawling. However, he and his brother Sage were full of zest for life.

Clinical examination by the shelter’s partner veterinarian revealed that Peanut had contracted a serious infection. This had reached the spine of the little kitten, depriving him of mobility. On top of it, his heart was placed upside down on the left side of his chest. Yet, this difference didn’t affect his health in any way.

Once he was diagnosed, Peanut started receiving antibiotic and steroid treatment. He also benefited from acupuncture sessions. The improvement was indeed noticeable.

At the same time, “A Kitten Place” volunteers contacted the Walkin Pets organization specializing in the creation of wheeled devices for disabled animals. They donated a custom-made chair to Peanut.

According the words of Jennifer Pratt of Walin’s Pers organization, the volunteers wanted to provide peanut with the help he needed desperately, to live a full and active life.

After a short period of adaptation, he wandered and played with ease. However, he was still in shelter. After staying there for another 2 months, he was lucky to find a family from Massachusetts. The couple took both Peanut and his brother Sage home and provided them with love and care.

“Vets are optimistic. With the help of wheels, laser therapy and acupuncture, Peanut will one day regain mobility,” said Sam Franciosa, Peanut’s new owner.

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