People dropped this kitty off near a busy highway and left

Meet Michelle. One day in May, she was taken away from her mother, taken from her home, and taken somewhere by car in an unknown direction. She was not afraid, because the baby was used to people. At that time she was two months old, and she spent her entire very small life with them. The little beauty was lying on the seat, purring, but suddenly the car stopped.

Familiar hands, as she thought, took her and dropped her out of the car. The door slammed shut, the car drove away, and the baby remained sitting on the side of the highway. It is unlikely that the baby realized what happened to her because of her very young age. All this was seen by another driver who was traveling on a business trip.

He turned out to be a kind man who did not drive past the unfortunate baby. He picked up Michelle, wrote a post at an animal support group, where he explained that he could only keep her until the evening. If no one picks her up by tonight, he’ll have to put the animal back on the street. We couldn’t have the baby back on the street, because there was nothing but trouble waiting for her. The volunteer came and took the kitten away from the man. After that, she started looking for a temporary place for the baby.

Another volunteer agreed to take the cat home with her, although she had already temporarily taken care of 25 cats. She just dialed the number and said, «Bring her to me, since she has no place to go». And the baby went to her.

When I saw the announcement about the poor furbaby, it was already late in the evening. Usually, I don’t take animals to me for temporary care, or I keep only those that I found myself, so I wanted to first offer my help as a curator, that is, help with finding a home, treatment, nutrition, and so on. But then I decided to help my «colleagues» and still take the baby to my home for temporary care. The next morning, Michelle was already at my place.

The kitty turned out to be very affectionate and smart. Immediately mastered the tray. She has a good appetite. But my animals accepted the baby negatively, although they accept everyone this way. It is because of this that I do not take cats for temporary care.

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